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Maison de la BD


The Maison de la BD has a new site right in Blois town centre and just a stone’s throw from the Loire and Place Louis XII. Visitors enter via the street up the steps or the ramp. The aim of this museum is to show visitors the world of comic books and their authors. It also has artists in residence, and spaces for student training. It offers 3 rooms for educational services: one for drawing, one for computer work and a final room for lunch. During scholar holidays (except the Toussaint holidays and Christmas holidays), artistic praticise workshops organised for everybody.

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Du 18/01/2023 Au 23/10/2023
Du 17/11/2023 Au 31/12/2023
Du 20/01/2024 Au 20/10/2024
Du 21/11/2024 Au 31/12/2024
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Maison de la BD
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