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Daniel Gatay, former owner of Caves Duhard, created GD Millésime to share with you his philosophy of wines, pleasure and emotions in unusual places. GD Millésime provides you with 4 Wine and Food events to adapt to your visited tourist site or to your accommodation and the expectations of your group. The theme of old vintages, heritage of our culture will always be mentioned. The possibilities of sites are numerous, inquire with our tourist providers or myself. New formulas appear with for example, rides in historic cars, canoes on the Cher river, the Segways, the amusement parks...

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Du 01/01/2022 Au 31/12/2022Horaires d'ouvertures :

Lundi 09:00 à 20:00
Mardi 09:00 à 20:00
Mercredi 09:00 à 20:00
Jeudi 09:00 à 20:00
Vendredi 09:00 à 20:00
Samedi 09:00 à 20:00
Dimanche 09:00 à 20:00

Du 01/01/2023 Au 31/12/2023
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Full adult price from 25,00 €

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Culture du Vin - GD MILLESIME
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Culture du Vin – GD Millésime

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