Compagnons du Vent, le voyage en montgolfière – Départ de Blois


Hot air balloon exploration flights for lovers of countryside and history in a pleasant 8-person basket. Take-off in the Blois-Chambord-Chaumont-Cheverny sector, in the heart of the Loire Valley. A first flight in a hot air balloon: it's a unique experience to feel lightness, balance and well-being, at an altitude of 300m. Contemplate the Earth from the sky, observe nature and heritage, landscapes shaped by man: the Val and the castles of the Loire, the Sologne of forests and ponds, vineyards, age-old farms, vineyards. Even the plain of Beauce is bright with its marquetry of colored fields. We offer a friendly and participative experience.

Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire - Visite des châteaux de la Loire de nuit ©DR

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