Château du Gué-Péan


A Renaissance jewel in a green setting, this quadrilateral château surrounded by corner towers with domes and lanterns, one of which houses the chapel, the largest being machicolated, curtain wall, the main building with a square wing, main courtyard, 2 Renaissance pavilions, a beautiful monumental fireplace from the early 17th century.

The entrance fee includes the visit free of the chapel and the imperial tower (30 mn) as well as the conducted tour of the lounges of the castle (30 mn) where is a stone sculptured chimney attributed to Germain Pilon.

Du 01/07/2020 Au 30/08/2020Horaires d'ouvertures :

Lundi 10:30 à 18:00
Mercredi 10:30 à 18:00
Jeudi 10:30 à 18:00
Vendredi 10:30 à 18:00
Samedi 10:30 à 18:00
Dimanche 10:30 à 18:00

Du 19/09/2020 Au 20/09/2020Horaires d'ouvertures :

Samedi 10:30 à 18:00
Dimanche 10:30 à 18:00

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