Château des Radrets


Château des Radrets


Located on the hillside, the château was successively occupied by the Bérruère family, from 1444 to 1521, the Illiers family, from 1522 to 1765, and Anne Racine, the playwright’s granddaughter, from 1765 to 1831. This château has conserve dits defensive aspect, with three bastions in roussard stone. The whole château is connected to the Grange by a footbridge. This Grange is the ancient manor, which became a farm building during the 15th century with a overturned hull barn. A simple cord of roussard forms a projection following the roofline. This rock is used for the trimmings of openings. As you visit this château, you can discover an ancient bakery with its traditional furnishings, and the guardroom inside the château, or also the 17th century chapel, renovated in 1768 by Anne Racine.

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Château des Radrets
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